DC Direct has revealed the release date of the Starcraft Premium Series 1: Jim Raynor and the Zeratul Collectible Figures. Both will be available at local and online retail stores on September 28, 2011.

The action figure height is 7.5 inches tall. It’s an amazing duplicate of the character as seen in the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty in-game cinematics. One that many Starcraft fans would love to own and display on a desk or bookshelf.

Last year, DC Direct showed off a few Starcraft action figure prototypes at the Toy Fair 2010. With the unveiling of Jim Raynor’s, it seems DC Direct is gearing up to show the final product. I will do my best to attend the Toy Fair 2011, to bring you photos of any Blizzard-themed action figure shown at the DC Direct booth.