Our affiliate, Entertainment Earth, added a few World of Warcraft prop replicas into the mix of their Cyber Monday Week. Crazy savings. Both Flag Replicas only $10 each (71% saving). The Horde Tabard only $30 and the Alliance Tabard $35 (62% saving).

Want to hear about crazy deals? The flipping Frostmourne Latex (LARP) Replica which normaly costs $144.99 is now only $60.00 while supplies last. You save $84.99 (59%) Crazy!!!! Click the images for the landing page.

World of Warcraft Frostmourne Latex Sword World of Warcraft Alliance War Flag Replica World of Warcraft Alliance Wearable Tabard World of Warcraft Horde Wearable Tabard World of Warcraft Horde War Flag Replica

Not part of the Cyber Monday Week, but plenty of Blizzard licensed products worth checking out with Christmas just around the corner: the upcoming StarCraft II Action Figures (Release Date: January 2012) and the World of Warcraft products channel.