I’ll try to consolidate all the Gaming Sites and Fansites currently undergoing Diablo III beta key giveaways (March 5+).

Blizzard Posts All Websites with Beta Keys

Your favorite fansites are currently buried under a mountain of beta keys, and they want to give them to you! If you’re looking to get into the beta and aren’t having any luck with your opt-in, check out these sites and giveaways for additional chances.

Please be aware of any restrictions in the below contest rules (such as your country of residence) before participating.

Press Sites

The following press sites have been given keys. Check them our for key giveaway specifics as they become available:

  • IGN
  • GameSpot
  • Joystiq
  • Kotaku
  • Destructoid
  • 1UP
  • The Escapist
  • GameSpy
  • Giant Bomb
  • Games Radar
  • G4
  • Game Trailers
  • Spike
  • UGO
  • Wired
  • Gamefront
  • The Verge


Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway

Details: To enter, just like our diablo3builds social media and be in the chance to win a Diablo III beta key. This competition is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
Start Date: March 1
End Date: March 20
Keys: 100

Gameplanet – New
Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway

Details: To enter, look for loot drops scattered around the Gameplanet web site!
Start Date: February 19
End Date: March 9
Keys: 375

Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway

Details: Sign up to win! Just make a forum post on D3downunder and you could be randomly selected for a beta key.
Start Date: February 16
End Date: March 15
Keys: 100

D3Sanc – Website Contest

Details: 100 keys per week for 4 weeks will be randomly awarded to registered forum users on D3sanc.com. A referral system will help registered users designate friends and acquaintances, and increase each other’s’ chance of winning.
Start Date: February 16
End Date: March 15
Keys: 400