Nakatoir posted in the Europe forums today players can battle Blizzard employees in the Rated Battlegrounds on PTR 4.3.2 servers. It’s Clobbering Time! /cracksknuckles

    Nakatoir: Greetings Combatants of the Glorious Alliance and the Merciless Horde!

    It is my great honor to invite you all to test your skills, steel, and sorcery against Blizzard employees such as myself (watch the face though, I got an image to maintain).

    So if a bit of You vs. Blue action sounds like your idea of a good time come on down to the 4.3.2 PTRs this Tuesday, January 17th. We’ll be queuing for Rated Battlegrounds from 3pm-6pm PST, you’ll know it’s us from our [Blizzard Horde] & [Blizzard Alliance] guild names.

    Hope to see you on the fields of battle!