Chris Metzen To Publish His Own Comic Book

Oh my! … I had to read the email three times, after a few blinks of disbelief.  Chris Metzen sends heads up of an interview he had recently with where he answers most of what has been his career at Blizzard Entertainment in the past fourteen years, his inspirations and influences with Dungeon & Dragons, Dragonlance, TSR, mythology and comic books, and how he started working at Chaos Studios which later would be known as Blizzard Entertainment.

In the two-pages interview Chris Metzen mentions he is writing on an ongoing comic book series spanning 12-issues.  The comic book is not related to Blizzard games. It is focused on a second American Civil War set a few years in the future. I recommend keeping an eye on this one for pre-orders. I will make sure to update you as it nears release. It is almost done. According to Chris Metzen the artist is already drawing issue# 10.

This is a very nice interview where we get to know Metzen within and without as a person and as a storyline developer, and how he deals on a daily basis with his creative team jamming ideas.

CV: How does that kind of writing compare to your Blizzard work?

Chris Metzen: The idea of going out on my own, having done that e-book or doing this comic, it kind of fills me with dread because I’m so used to having a team of super-creative people around me—either game designers or artists or the other writers I work with—that my level of confidence is based on the team’s identity. We do this together. Even though I might be the creative lead or I might even, on some of these products, be the lead writer, your confidence as an individual creative person is drawn from a bigger well because the ultimate goal is corporate—we put out a game and that’s a hundred people having affected that thing. And while I might have had a big role creatively in it, you can fall back on the fact that it was this group process, and where my weaknesses show up, they were more than compensated for by my buddies’ strengths.

Read the full interview:

Sons of the Storm features a brief backstory of the Second American Civil War comic book here. (Thanks, Drz)

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