Chris Metzen posted via Twitter how many played Warcraft III and which Warcraft character you would like to see come back from death.

So how many of you WoW players have played Warcraft 3? If a Warcraft character could come back from death, which would y’all like to see (provided the story was good)?

Considering Patch 4.3 was the last major content, we might see someone back from death in Mists of Pandaria. In order to suggest who, we have to remember Who bit the dust in Warcraft III. Here’s a list:

1. Admiral Daelin Proudmoore
2. Grom Hellscream
3. Uther Lightbringer
4. King Terenas
5. Archmage Antonidas
6. Searinox (Black dragon)
7. Dreadlord Tichondrius
8. Archimonde
9. Lieutenant Naisha (Maiev’s friend presumed dead)

Help submit more, and let us know which you wish to come back from the dead.