The Celestial Steed Mount (310%) and the Lil’ XT pet are now available at the Blizzard Store as digital downloads. The Mount costs $ 25 (EUR 20,00 / £17.00) and the pet $ 9.99 (EUR 10,00 / £9.00).

It has just been announced, and I am already on a 30843 queue to get the Celestial Steed Mount. That’s a whooping $ 771,075 on USA alone.

Blizzard Quote:
We’re pleased to be able to bring two new additions to the Blizzard Pet Store: the miniature robot Lil’ XT and the Celestial Steed, the first mount to be available there. These fun options are available exclusively through the online Blizzard Store.

For more information, check out the Pet Store FAQ, which holds answers to most common questions