Adrianne Curry is among the known celebrities who have fallen in love with World of Warcraft and play other games. She was the first winner of the America’s Next Top Model reality TV show, but don’t think that catapulted her into fame. She had to open her way into modeling on her own after moving to New York where she joined the agency Wilhelmina Models. Among other magazines, she has appeared in Maxim and People. On TV she appeared in Dirt — a television series starring Courteney Cox; and in Half & Half (2003).

Just today, Adrianne Curry was selected among the Top 20 Hottest Brunnettes by Maxim. (some light nudity, exercise discretion)

Medievaldragon: How was your experience like getting into the world of modeling?

Adrianne: It was a tough one. I was turned down by many agencies who all said my look was more New York than Chicago (where I was currently living). My rise into modeling was much different than most. I auditioned for a new reality show called America’s Next Top Model. I beat out over 32,000 girls to be selected for the semi finals. out of 20 girls, only 10 were selected, including myself. I then went to work and came out as the winner in the end. That was July 2003

MD: Basically you had to get on your own feet to impulse your modeling career. Did you find modeling opportunities right away?

Adrianne: Many opportunities opened, but many shut. A lot of clients were not fans of the show and didn’t want to even see me. Some clients did want to see me, but not because they wanted to work with me. They would drag me to castings just to ask me show questions. However, I did get to move out to NYC, on my own dime, and try my hand at the trade. I realized very quickly I would never become a successful fashion model having come from top model.

MD: Could you mention your latest, current and upcoming projects for old and new fans interested?

Adrianne: Recently I have been working on behind the scenes stuff. I was an associate producer on the My Antonio show that aired on VH1 this past Fall. I have two shows in development, one I created myself! But, till we are ready to promote publicly, my lips are sealed.

MD: How did you get into gaming? What were the first games you played, and the best?

Adrianne: I was always into games. I used to play Kings Quest, Myst, Duke Nukem, Quake, DOOM, Wolfenstein 3-D and many others. I guess I got into video games the most when I was with my ex-boyfriend in my teens. All he did was play all day long. if I didn’t play, I would be ignored. We played a lot of Medal of Honor, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Halo, and many others.

MD: Have you been invited by Game Studios to showcase a game at a convention, done game gigs, or would consider proposals from game studios?

Adrianne: I have never been asked to do anything related to video games. if I was, I would be more than happy to. Sounds like a dream job to me!

MD: You have a lvl 45 Night Elf Warrior and other characters. What is it in the game that has hooked you into World of Warcraft?

Adrianne: I am hooked to Warcraft because it reminds me so much of Lord Of The Rings. I love to quest, pwn hordies, and run around with my WoW Pimp, my level 80 Pally friend CaptinMorgin

MD: Which World of Warcraft dungeons have you visited and which caused you the most awe?

Adrianne: The one you have to go through the Burning Steppes to get to [Blackrock Depths] is pretty cool, it’s like a torture dungeon. I also like the one outside Tanaris. Zul’farrak is all outside and above ground.

MD: What if Blizzard invited you to do voice over for the game, or to participate in the World of Warcraft film?

Adrianne: … I would die. Too bad the Succubus already has a voice and smacks her ass, that would have so been me.

MD: [Pictures Adrianne Curry playing a Succubus smacking her whip around in the Warcraft film alongside her hubbie Christopher Knight as a Warlock] By now the whole world knows what your WoW character is after you disclosed it in Twitter, Have you attached a Blizzard or Mobile Authenticator to your account? What do you think about that little account security gadget and the Core Hound Pup pet?

Adrianne: No. If someone wants to steal my account, do so. I feel bad for them. I’m a eff-ing NOOB. I think they are good ideas for people who really care that much, luckily, I dont.

MD: What do you think about all those trolls calling you a noob for been level 45?

Adrianne: Gee like if they didn’t go through the same leveling experience.- I don’t care. I didn”t play for years on purpose because I was scared I would lose my life. I was right. Now that I am a level 45, I’m starting to get a little more warcraft respect. ; )

MD: So true. Everyone started leveling up in order to reach lvl 80. I have a couple lvl 80 characters, a lvl 72 Death Knight and a bunch of lvl 35 classes. My mother has a lvl 62 Orc Hunter, so I have to accompany her around in her adventures. Did you go to Blizzcon or planning to go next time? Have you heard good feedback about it? There were over 25,000 fans there.

Adrianne: I would love to go, but have yet to attend. I think it would be wicked sweet to dress like my character for one. My toon is an absolute slutty powerhouse of pain.

MD: I read you were at a few geek conventions this year dressed in costumes. Which conventions do you plan going on 2010, and What would you disguise of if you went to the next Blizzcon?

Adrianne: I like Wizard Worlds, but I really like costumes that hide who I am. So, I may be at more conventions than reported.

MD: Hope to see you at New York Comic Con and Blizzcon. Thanks. You can follow Adrianne Curry on her Twitter @AdrianneCurry