Two screenshots of the Day, double the fun. The first screenshot straight from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm shows the new Swamp of Sorrows.

The new Screenshot of the Day below is Stonetalon Mountains. The screenshot angle doesn’t permit to see much, but the terrain texture looks familiar as seen in this sceenshot of present Stonetalon Mountains. I took another screenshot at the barrow den of Stonetalon Peak — and that area resembles somewhat the mountain shape of today’s Cataclysm screenshot.

The screenshot of the day [below] shows Tauren architecture. We haven’t heard of any gnome faction working in Tauren territory — especially with the horde insignia displayed on that crate, so this rocket and its launching pad must be goblin tech.

That tall peak behind the launching pad is pretty close, which means this location is high in the mountains where we haven’t been before. The top of Stonetalon Peaks was mostly unexplored and inaccessible territory, but with flying mounts enabled in World of WarCraft: Cataclysm there will be a lot of new landmass never seen before that will likely contain more mobs, camps and towns.

Revising quickly some of the lore from quests, by memory, the non-Horde aligned blood elf Braelyn Firehand sent us to Stonetalon Peak to kill Keepers of the Grove, Dryads, and Night Elves to sate her vengeance against the transgressions the Highborne suffered with their exile from Kalimdor; and we basically wiped out the Talon Den too.

The only unscathed place was the Stonetalon Peak Inn, but who knows if any surviving Keeper of the Grove or Dryad remains in the place. With the Grimtotem, Harpies, Keepers, Dryads, Venture Co. and Alliance annhilated in Stonetalon Peaks, by now in Cataclysm the zone should see an increased presence of Horde camps and towns.

Will there be any Alliance towns? New invading enemies? Slight changes after the Cataclysm? Anything is possible.