Quality Assurance developer Sapperwix posted last night the Patch 4.2: Firelands will hit PTR servers soon. Apparently soon(tm) is seriously soon. To confirm, I am currently downloading the PTR file and copied one character and created two pre-made priest characters: Alliance and Horde.

There is a problem with premade characters, however. Take in mind premades don’t have reputation or quest tracker data which means players require to complete most of Hyjal quests in the PTR in order to gain access to Firelands due to the phase technology. The entrance to Firelands seems to be in the phase of regrowth of Mount Hyjal.

The Patch 4.2 downloader is 9.5GB file size. Go to your account page to copy a character and to download the installer: US or UK, America Latina, Spain, Fr, De.

Blizzplanet will provide preview images and videos in upcoming days for those who don’t have the time to download and play in PTR servers, or don’t have the Cataclysm expansion.