After defeating Temple Guardian Anhuur, Isiset is my favorite boss to tackle afterwards. She’s the easiest of the four bosses at the Keepers’ Seat section of Halls of Origination.

The strategy to beat this boss is very simple. She has two identical phases. The first phase starts when you get a warning onscreen that Isiset is casting Supernova, she will split into three smaller other-selves named: Celestial Call (summons adds), Veil of the Sky (shield), and Astral Rain (AOE).

All players must turn away their character’s face from Isiset to avoid Supernova. It’s a blinding light that will damage the player affected by 16 – 20k arcane damage and disorient for 3 sec. I purposely take the Supernova a couple of times in our video to demonstrate what happens. You can’t control your character while disoriented. Would be good to pop Bloodlust or Time Stop in phase one.

With Supernova dodged, your next step to be successful in this boss fight is to kill Isiset’s other-self named Astral Rain. All DPS players must assist tank to kill her. She casts a rain of stars which does an AOE damage to all players. Getting rid of her will be less damage to the group in phase two, and giving the healer the chance to save mana management.

After she casts Supernova again, phase two starts. This time she splits into two other-selves. You already killed Astral Rain in phase one. In phase two, focus all your DPS on Celestial Call. Isiset will die very fast once she reincorporates her default body.

One random damage dealer ability that all players most be aware of, including the tank, is the blue beam that chases a random player. Stop what you are doing and simply run around and away from other players. It deals a bit over 10k arcane damage a tick. So the safe thing to do is to be mobile. If you have instant damage abilities use it on your target while running from the blue beam that comes from a portal.

The Veil of the Sky self-duplicate is left for last. One would wonder, why leave the boss with a shield? The answer is simple. Veil of the Sky can be purged by a shaman, or dispelled by a priest or paladin. I haven’t heard yet if a mage can spell-steal (who knows).

Isiset drops a nice healing trinket (item lvl 346) named Blood of Isiset: On equip increases your mastery rating by 285. Your healing spells have a chance to grant 1710 Spirit for 20 sec.

Isiset Abilities

  • Melee Swing: Hits a player for 10061 (absorbed) – 30697 Physical damage.

  • Veil of the Sky: hits for 701 Arcane damage.

  • Astral Rain: hits for 5273 – 6066 Arcane damage.

  • Supernova: A message onscreen says: “Isiset begins to channel a Supernova. Look away!” A flash of white light blinds the player afflicting for 16671 – 21574 Arcane damage, and disorienting for 3 sec.

Isiset Other-Selves

  • Veil of the Sky (self): 10707 – 13607 melee damage.

  • Astral Rain (self): 12470 – 13607 melee damage. She also casts an AOE named Astral Rain which does 2709 – 5460 Arcane damage. Star missiles fall down from the sky three times in a row.

Celestial Familiar

    Arcane Barrage: hits a player for 8774 – 9749 Arcane damage. Run away from the blue beam that chases a random player.

Blizzard Quote: