Burning Crusade interviews are pouring in online.  This section will be updated often:

? FiringSquad nailed an interview with Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan to talk about Burning Crusade expansion and possible content updates.

FiringSquad: After the expansion’s release in January, what can you tell us about future updates to World of Warcraft in terms of new free downloadable content?

Jeff Kaplan: We do intend to continue producing free content updates for World of Warcraft. Blizzard recognizes how important it is to keep the game fresh; there is a lot more that we would like to do and we have no shortage of ideas. A lot of those ideas will be realized in content updates, while others may find their way into new expansions in the future.

? Gamespot interviewed Jon LeCraft:

Gamespot: What impact do you think the new, lower raid numbers [25 players instead of 40] limit will have on raiding guilds in The Burning Crusade?

JL: I think it’s going to reduce the numbers of some guilds, or they may have to put some people on the sidelines, who may in turn decide to leave and start new guilds. It is going to affect their memberships for sure, because not everybody will be able to go on a raid.

But everybody’s role in the raid is now more meaningful, that’s one of the reasons we did that. In some encounters in the past you could have about 15 people in the raid that could just about be doing anything, so it should be more beneficial overall.

? Pro-G also interviewed LeCraft who squashed rumors of Burning Crusade on Wii.

You really do need a keyboard to play WoW,” he said. “I’ve seen some mods where people have hooked up WoW to their Wii. When I saw that I was like, well, that’s got to be pretty easy to PVP against, honestly. It’s not something we’re looking at right now.”

The aptly named LeCraft also revealed Blizzard currently has no plans to port the game to the Xbox 360 or PS3, despite the success of Xbox Live and the development of the PS3’s online service.