The L.A. Times reports Brigitte Burdine (BBCasting) died in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles yesterday in the morning around 1:45 a.m. during a hit-and-run driver accident when struck by a dark-colored Sedan, who left the scene.

After having dinner with her boyfriend at the “The Shack” Sports Grill Restaurant, she walked back home when suddenly the Sedan struck her in the corner of Culver Boulevard and Pershing Drive. She died at the hospital due to a severe head trauma.

Looking up the approximate location of the accident, and her agency address, it wasn’t too far from her agency, and just a few blocks from the Los Angeles International Airport.

If anyone was a visual witness of the accident, contact the Investigator Martha Dominguez at (213) 473-0234 or call (877) LAPD-247 during non-business hours or on weekends.

Brigitte Burdine was a casting director for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty among other games (IMDB).

Our sincere condolences to her family, and friends, including those in Blizzard Entertainment most close to her who spent a lot of time around her, on the phone, and during her in-house castings.