(Wrathion’s piercing red eyes fixate on you.)

Wrathion: You are among a rare breed, .

You are just what I am looking for – an individual with the potential to shape events on a global scale.

Come now, I promised you a reward, and you shall have it! East of this tavern is a series of stone steps leading up to a vista that the locals have named “Mason’s Folly.” Meet me there.


Go to the top of the stone steps at Mason’s Folly and meet Wrathion there to accept your reward.

  • Travelled to Mason’s Folly
  • Spoke with Wrathion


Wrathion: I often venture out here to think, the view is breathtaking, would you agree? Pandaria is indeed a jewel. Such beauty. It makes you want to protect her, yes?

I feel the same way about Azeroth herself. You have done great things friend. I can assure you this is but the beginning of our work together. Behold: The power of the foes you’ve vanquished. And the wisdom of those you’ve outsmarted. Here! The embodiment of the fear that you’ve conquered. May it now strike terror into the hearts of your enemies!


Finally, a gift from me. Make no mistake: The Black Dragonflight lives on! There. My work is done. You can now greatly augment the power of any sha-touched weapon.


Wrathion: We are just getting started, friend! Our greatest challenges lie ahead. But when war comes to these shores, you and I will be ready for it.


Wrathion: You have earned this, ! Use it well.

Crystallized Dread
Crystallized Terror
Crystallized Horror

Wrathion: Please understand, I mean to pay off my father’s debts. I will stop at NOTHING to defend this world. In the future, if you are ever uncertain, you are welcome to question my means. But never question my motives. The safety of this world is my primary concern.

Now then, let’s talk about current events.