The past week brought some interesting Blizzard news bits. Blizzard Job Recruiters will be expecting talented fans at the 2008 GDC-San Francisco through February 18-22. Find out where. Starcraft: Brood War patch 1.15.2 was released last week. With this new patch you can now play the game without the need of the Starcraft CD on your CD-Drive. MTV got ahold of Ludo Lullabi – artist of the WoW Comic Book. The preview scans of World of Warcraft# 3 comic book were made available. UDE announced new loot cards on the upcoming Servants of the Betrayer WoW TCG Raid Deck. Blizzplanet updated the WoW Easter Eggs sections and Vivendi announced their loan to close the Activision Blizzard deal and other ventures.

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