Blizzplanet is livestreaming Diablo III Beta Patch 10 gameplay. Questions or petitions are welcome via CoveritLive (No account required) or (requires account). I will livestream a second time around 6pm (New York /-5GMT)

Note: If you are in beta and you can’t launch a game, create a new character, and delete the one with the issue.

Update: Finished the first livestream (2pm version). Patch 10 is kinda laggy at this point. Several people are complaining in the forum, and in-game. For some reason the video was choppy. I had max settings. I guess the gamecam compensated streaming+encoding and auto-lowered quality. Next video I’ll lower settings to see if the video quality gets better.

Some of the changes I experienced playing this first gameplay of Patch 10, I didn’t see pages of training. At the Blacksmith, I could upgrade Blacksmith experience merely by paying 500 gold without the need of a page of training. I hope that was not removed from the game. It makes sense in coop, but not single player. I loved to destroy stuff to scout for page of trainings.

Blizzard mentioned in the System Changes that Scroll of Identification was removed from the game. Two yellow items dropped and I could see the question mark. In order to identify the item you must press right-button on the item, and you will see a cast bar similar to that of using Town Portal. After the cast bar, the item is identified.

I was able to change spells on the go without the Nephalem Altar (removed from the game), but there is a 30 sec cooldown before you can change the spell again.

Livestream (pending) – 6pm EST

Livestream (Saved) – 2pm EST