I wanted to come out of the way of Blizzard gaming and licensed product news to say Happy Thanksgiving Day to our visitors.

There are many things I need to be thankful for this day, and everyday on the digital and IRL sides. I am aware all of our visitors have different religious beliefs, so I will try to be neutral. All of us, regardless of religion, have something to give thanks for everyday. This is a — not complete — list of things I’d like to share with you that I am thankful for today and everyday in the past couple of years.


  • Thanks to Miaari, Eldorian, and Mith. Without them, Blizzplanet wouldn’t be online this past year in its current capacity.
  • Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for their support over the past 10 years (Blizzplanet turns 10 on January). Especially thanks to Nethaera, Bashiok, EYco, Karune, Shon Damron, Bob Colayco, Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson, and James Waugh. These are the most we have kept in contact over the past few years.
  • Thanks to all Blizzard partners for their continuous support with fresh info, preview images and giveaway products year-round: Gallery Books/Pocket Books, SteelSeries, Jinx, Razer, Cryptozoic, Insight Editions, Premiere Collectibles, Mega Bloks, Fantasy Flight Games, and White Wolf Publishing. (Hopefully, I didn’t miss mentioning many)
  • Thanks to several colleagues in the gaming news industry for their support — here I am likely to forget naming some because there are dozens. Some of them are Bluesnews, N4G, Scrolls of Lore, Diablofans, WoW Insider, Gamona.de and Judgehype (to name a few).
  • Thanks to our loyal visitors who keep coming daily or weekly to read the latest news.
  • Thanks to all the fans who have ordered licensed products through Blizzplanet.


  • I’m thankful for having a roof where to sleep, even if I can’t actually call it a permanent home. I have lived in a shelter for the homeless since June 2010.
  • I’m thankful for having a dinner everyday and in Thanksgiving Day.
  • Thankful to the government and everyone who make it possible for the homeless to have a roof, public health insurance, and food.
  • Thankful to my close family members

I pray other people in my situation are doing fine. I really thank everyone for keeping me busy and active on the Blizzard gaming news front during these hard times, and for your support to help keep internet access up, and other needs. Happy Thanksgiving Day.