Simon & Schuster, Inc. delivered our review copy of Diablo III: The Order. Many thanks to Jillian and Ayelet. Check us back on May 15th for the review of Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon.

I take the opportunity to ask our visitors to post questions for an interview with Nate Kenyon about the book. Here’s a few photos taken today.

I’m very tempted to start reading today. The book explores the far past, some parts of Diablo II up to five years before Diablo III. Grab your copy of Diablo III: The Order if you haven’t yet (36% discount). Orders over $25 are elegible for free super saving shipping.


The first page is titled “Tristram, 1213” starting with a prologue — Aderes Cain tells the Horadrim story to other children, including her 11-year-old son: Deckard Cain. On the first chapter, we go forward in time to 1272 in the Ruins of the Vizjerei Secret Repository. By that date, Deckard Cain should be Age 70 — it’s been 10 years since the defeat of Baal and the destruction of the Worldstone.

Around the middle of the book, I could read a dialogue that happens during Diablo II before fighting Izual. The climax of the story seems to be around five years before Diablo III, before the birth of the child Emperor of Caldeum.

Prologue: Memory

  • Prologue: Tristram, 1213

Part One: Gathering Shadows

  • Chapter 1: Ruins of the Vizjerei Secret Repository, The Borderlands, 1272
  • Chapter 2: The Hidden Chamber
  • Chapter 3: The City of Caldeum
  • Chapter 4: Gillian’s Residence, Caldeum
  • Chapter 5: The Black Tower
  • Chapter 6: The Bookseller’s Tale
  • Chapter 7: The Burning
  • Chapter 8: One for the Madhouse

Part Two: Darkness Descending

  • Chapter 9: The Cavern in the Hills
  • Chapter 10: Out of Caldeum
  • Chapter 11: Dreams of Tristram
  • Chapter 12: The Walled Town
  • Chapter 13: Lord Brand’s Manor
  • Chapter 14: A Stranger Comes
  • Chapter 15: The Graveyard
  • Chapter 16: The Hidden Room
  • Chapter 17: The Road to Kurast
  • Chapter 18: Tristram’s End
  • Chapter 19: The Red Circle
  • Chapter 20: The Docks
  • Chapter 21: The Feeder
  • Chapter 22: The Blood of Al Cut

Part Three: The Lord of Lies

  • Chapter 23: The Road to Gea Kul
  • Chapter 24: The Horadric Chambers
  • Chapter 25: The Camp
  • Chapter 26: The First Ones
  • Chapter 27: Lund’s Bow
  • Chapter 28: The Possession
  • Chapter 29: The Warning
  • Chapter 30: Blood Ritual
  • Chapter 31: A Plan Emerges
  • Chapter 32: The Tunnels
  • Chapter 33: Al Cut
  • Chapter 34: The Courtyard
  • Chapter 35: The Ritual Chamber
  • Chapter 36: The Walking Dead of Al Cut
  • Chapter 37: Gea Kul, Resurrected
  • Chapter 38: The Road Ahead\


  • The Lord of Lies