UPDATE: This giveaway is now expired. Congratz, Thuls Gabrielsen. A Diablo III QcK Gaming Mouse Pad going your way ready to slay demons on May 15th. Thanks everyone for participating. Check back on Wednesday, May 2 for the Diablo III Headset giveaway (to be announced on the Diablo Dialogue web show by the Bearded Gamer).

This week, we are giving away a SteelSeries QcK Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad.

Follow these instructions to participate:

1. Go to this Facebook page and type “Blizzplanet: I want the SteelSeries Diablo III QcK Gaming Mouse Pad” — don’t forget to like SteelSeries (optional)
2. Using the same Facebook account post a message in our Facebook page.
3. Email me both comment URLs at mdragon [at] blizzplanet (dot) com
4. Watch our recent Diablo Dialogue episode # 2 and subscribe to the channel.

The email will be used to contact the random winner.

This giveaway ends on Thursday, April 26th at 11:59pm EST (New York).

Upcoming giveaways

  • Diablo: Sword of Justice # 1-3 giveaway available now (watch the Diablo Dialogue # 2)
  • Watch the Diablo Dialogue Episode # 3 next Wednesday, May 2 to participate in our SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Headset giveaway (USA & Canada only).
  • SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Mouse giveaway to be announced on Wednesday, May 9th — one lucky fan will play Diablo III with this mouse on May 15th.
  • We got a few more Diablo III mousepads throughout the month of May — stay tuned