Watch below a few videos of my Wizard level 13 in Diablo III Beta Patch 4 v. During the video I show the Wizard spell list. Take in mind the beta level cap is 13. There were a few rare mobs. Around 7 Pages of Training (for the Blacksmith) dropped from bookcases, dead mobs, and other sources. Every 5 pages of training you can click them to transform them into a Book.

The book of training can then be taken to the Blacksmith to increase up training experience. Usually, you need around 5-7 of these books to level up. So far my Blacksmith is level 3 and provides a few rare recipes.

In this video I talk to all the NPCs so that you can follow the storyline. Every time you complete a quest you can find a new dialogue from some of the NPCs, as you are used to in Diablo II.

It’s a lengthy video because I explore the entire dungeon halls, check all the bookcases, corpses, and break pretty much everything that drops something and ok — sorry , I also break statues, tables, and other stuff for kicks.

Update 12:48am EST: Live Stream is over. Below are three videos of the livestream.