Update: This giveaway is now closed. Eldorian chose two winners: Congrats Yazuak and mciver87. Happy Holidays.

      Update #2: I wanted to share this with our visitors. To be honest, when Eldorian told me Blizzard Entertainment send two Diablo III beta keys to Blizzplanet as a Xmas gift, and he told me he wanted to give them away via Reddit, I was skeptic. Mostly because it is outside of Blizzplanet and its facebook and twitter account. However, I agreed it was a good idea, and let him go ahead with it without complain. I recognize Reddit has been a very important venue of traffic for some our most important news, and some of our visitors started coming to Blizzplanet through Reddit.

      That’s why some of our giveaways are submitted through either Facebook or Twitter for those who also visit Blizzplanet for the first time through those venues and stick around. It’s a way to say thanks, and to acknowledge their contribution and importance to help us continue doing what we love to do.

      I was checking again some reddit entries, and found out this way exactly why Eldorian thought of giving away these Diablo III Beta keys via Reddit with the “What does Blizzard Entertainment means to me” story submission. I remember he mentioned this Korean fan he met at BlizzCon, who told him he visited Blizzplanet. However, I didn’t know the full story. Eldorian got a bit pissed off at some Reddit trolls, so I won’t copy his flowery language (lol). This quote touched me, and wanted to forward it to you guys to read:

      “The idea for this giveaway came to me when I remembered something that happened to me at Blizzcon this year. A Korean guy came up to me and had a little name tag that said he doesn’t speak English well at all. He says he’s read my site Blizzplanet and he’s a Korean blogger for StarCraft 2. He handed me a piece of paper that said “What does Blizzard Entertainment mean to me?” I wrote down “Awesome games and the best global community ever.” and I signed the piece of paper. He then took a picture of me holding what I just wrote and I’m guessing it’s out there on the Internet somewhere (never did find his blog). The whole fact that a game brings people together to a community is something amazing – and I thought it was an awesome question that I thought this community would also enjoy.”

Original Post: We have deployed several giveaways the past couple of months through our comment system, twitter and facebook. Eldorian decided to give these two Diablo III Beta keys through one channel that has been generous to Blizzplanet for a length of time: Reddit.

For this giveaway, Eldorian set a particular rule to participate. I recommend to register to reddit if you don’t have an account there, and to follow his instructions to get a Diablo III Beta key.

Blizzard Entertainment provided Blizzplanet two Diablo III beta keys as a Christmas Gift. Thank you, Blizzard. Big kudos to Eric, Bashiok and Zarhym.

This is the 2011 Christmas Card sent to us by Blizzard Entertainment along with the two Diablo III Beta Keys. Merry Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanzaa!