We are now accepting questions from our community for the different Blizzcon Diablo III panels: Heroes & Monsters; Lore; and Art.  We will gather the best questions.  Flux and I will ask these on the Panel Q&As, and you will see this happen either on live streams or via DirecTV.

We also welcome questions for Jay Wilson and Chris Metzen.  We will have a few shots at them at the private press rooms. Don’t forget to visit Blizzplanet and Diii.net through August 21-22.  We will have a live blog contraption on the front page for those fans who are listening or watching the live stream or payperview.  This will allow you to ask questions on the fly based on any new updates Blizzard reveals on the panels.

Blizzard Quote:
Heroes & Monsters
The hero you play and the monsters you slay take center stage in any Diablo game. Join us for a look at the design process that brings these characters and creatures to life, as well as the mechanics involved in creating epic and memorable battles.

Sit down with our lore masters as they delve into the past, present, and future of the Diablo universe. We

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  1. Hawki

    Heroes and Monsters

    -How much of a personality will the heroes of Diablo III be given and will the heroes of Diablo II make an appearance? DII and Deckard Cain’s notes on the website were good to the Dark Wanderer/Quarak in a sense that it gave him some modicum of a personality, both before and after his corruption by Diablo. At this point in time however, the DII heroes have yet to recieve the same treatment.

    -What can you tell us about Leah? She seems to be a relevant character, but so far we know little about her.

    -What is the fate of Ab-al-hazir? His journal consists of 42 entries, the Dark Cultist one (no. 42) mentioning that “now I am marked.” Will we discover his fate?


    -It has been stated that while Diablo III will wrap up the storyline begun in the original game, it will not be the last game in the series. So where will the series go from here? Will the other worlds sensed by Trag’Oul in the Sin War Trilogy play a role?

    -As per the Diablo timeline, what marks Year 0? It is clearly not the end of the Sin War as per it ending three millennia before the darkening of Tristiram, or did it somehow extend after the pact made by the Angiris Council and Great Evils as per the dates provided in ‘Demonsbane?’

    -Will the effects of the Worldstone being destroyed be conveyed in regards to Man/Nephalem?

    -What plans exist (if any) for the release of more Diablo EU material (novels, comics, etc.)?

    -Can any info be given as to what Diablo II: Salvation was? Some sources have it as a DII expansion, others as a film.

    -A Diablo film was briefly portrayed on Legendary Pictures’ “in development” list before being taken down. Any comment?


    It has been mentioned that the artistic style of the game gets progressively darker throughout the game. Is this due to changes in location or due to changes in Sanctuary’s condition?

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