Blizzard fans all over the world travel long distances to attend the biggest event sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment which in the past has exceeded 15,000 people.  All of them go to either participate in contests, find out what new games Blizzard will pull out of its hat (Ohh, the big surprise), experience hands-on gameplay, witness the lore, pvp, gameplay, cinematics panels (to name a few).  And so much more.

However, Blizzard has never asked fans what they would love to see at BlizzCon beyond what is already established and pre-scheduled (at least to my knowledge).  What would be your dream feature in BlizzCon?

I personally can think of a few the fans would so lovely enjoy. Imagine a Darkmoon Faire circus-type of games where the developers are the target and you get rewarded.

  • Dunk that Developer:  Who wouldn’t love to have Ghostcrawler strapped on a water tank, throwing balls at a bullseye lever to trigger the mechanism that slams him into the water tank. Over, and over, and yet over again.  This is the serious-business Nerf-griever of all times.  We love him and hate him.  Such a mix of feelings. Yea, guys, get a life.  One can dream though.
  • Foam-up that Developer: Hey, I have no quarrel with Chris Metzen. I have met him a few times. He’s awesome incarnate. Like a brother separated at birth—I think I am a couple years older than him. He visits Blizzplanet very often, has said it in two different occasions. However, some lore fans who need a life (really) have felt compelled to hate his guts over a few retcons (spacegoats crashlanding on Azeroth, chicken-and-the-egg Sargeras vs Eredar, you name it).  Although I don’t share the sentiment, I bet these lore fans would like to get a shave cream bottle and spray him all over. (decided for shave cream because whipped cream sounds too … err—removes picture from his mind).
  • Paint that developer: Who wouldn’t want to throw paint-filled balloons of all colors at …. drumroll … Jay Wilson.  The rainbow Diablo III controversy, remember?  That angsty controversy died down so heavy and fast when we got to see other environments, and played the game at last year’s Blizzcon.  Yet, those who “need a lif—- I mean, need to relax, and channel their anger in a fun way, would love to paint Jay Wilson to pay for all the grief.

Those are just examples. What would you love Blizzard to add to Blizzcon that could be entertaining, that would let you release some anger in a fun way pseudo-humiliating (you know, payback) a developer?  I can think of a few that would love to think about one of these for Jeff Kaplan and some infamous forum CM thread-lockers.

Name your developer or CM, and the feature-circus-like game you would want them to participate in? Share your thoughts.

Note: I have nothing against any of these developers, but I have seen the trolls grief over the past years.  I thought it would be fun to let the trolls and other fans have some fun with the developers at a Darkmoon Faire event inside BlizzCon 2009. I met Jeff Kaplan last year, at the Blizzard cafeteria.  I ate on the same table as Jay Wilson, it was awesome to listen to him talk about the game with such a passion.  Chris Metzen is like a bro, I love all the manga, novels and comic books—and of course all the games’ lore. I haven’t met Ghostcrawler yet, but come on guys, he’s got a hard job to do and not everyone will be happy with class changes, but they have to happen. Cut some slack. He the man.

You know, this Darkmoon Faire thingie could be a pro-benefit of the Make-a-Wish Foundation or other non-profit organization. Not a bad idea after all to have fun, relax, release some built-up anger on the developers, and benefit a charity all at the same time.

Post your own wishlist below or at the official US forums.