BlizzCon 2008: Blizzard’s Rob Pardo on Diablo 3, Starcraft 2

Joystiq interviewed VP of Game Design Rob Pardo who says Blizzard wants Diablo III to be more RPG/lore immersive than Diablo II. At this point, they haven’t discussed measures against auctioning items on eBay or other sites that dedicate to ruin the in-game economy for real life profit, but that’s something that is on the table. PvP is also being discussed by the team. The Skill Trees are not final, and will continue to evolve during development. As for those who wondered if the demo would be released, Pardo says nay. However, there may be some hands-on gameplay in future trade show events.

One of our goals with Diablo 3 was to really to add a lot more role-playing game feel to it. I think that some of the knock on the previous games is that it’s too action based, that you don’t get enough story, that you don’t have RPG choices. That’s something we really want to add to Diablo 3, but we’re not going to slow it down. We have to keep it fast paced, we don’t want it to be a game where you’re slogging it out through dialogue trees. This system is a great example, we’re really evolving it a lot to make sure we make the right decision to make the game fast-paced.

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