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Under peril of getting stomped by the crowd through Hall B at Blizzcon in the Anaheim Convention Center, I made my way through lots of lore fans to reach Christie Golden and Richard A. Knaak to say hello and handshake them. I was glad to see Richard again, even if briefly. He is a very charismatic, humble and friendly person. I had met him earlier at the New York Comic Con where he toured me through all Blizzard licensed product booths presenting me as one of his most valuable cheerleaders—I was so flattered.

Anyway, fast-forward, I met him again at BlizzCon and sadly couldn’t get a video interview for reasons not relevant now, on my end. However, Richard knew since a week earlier my intentions to corner him about World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon (due November 18th) and other upcoming projects.

Without further ado, here is our interview with Richard A. Knaak. Learn interesting details about


Are we going to see Deathwing?

Knaak: The shadow of the Black Flight will be seen.  What that means, you have to read to find out.

In Wrath of the Lich King beta, Nozdormu has gone missing again. Does Night of the Dragon introduce why he’s missing? If so, what are the implications for Krasus and Rhonin, as well as Azeroth’s?

Knaak: The novel focuses on elements other than Nozdormu, ones that may prove very significant.

What dragon aspects or new dragons are featured in this new story?

Knaak: You will meet a member of a certain family from whom we’ve not yet heard.  She’ll prove quite interesting, I think, plus we will see the first hints of something new, but, again, I’m forbidden to say.  (Yes, that gets frustrating).  You’ll also see Korialstrasz, of course, as well as a surprise visitor who bears him little good will at this time.

What can you tell us about the female draenei that accompanies Krasus in the front cover?

Knaak: Iridi is a priestess on a personal quest that will expand far beyond her intentions.  She’s a character who believes that there are those who can be redeemed despite their past.  She is also on a secondary quest to retrieve something stolen from a murdered comrade.

Is this book featuring new races such as the Vykrul and Proto-dragons or any other?

Knaak: There will be some players from the game readers will not expect.  The origins of the skardyn will be very familiar to most.

Fans are wondering, what happened to Archamage Ansirem Runeweaver?

Knaak: His fate is not discussed in the novel.

Beside Grim Batol, what other locations in Azeroth and outside are you exploring in Night of the Dragon?

Knaak: Menethil Harbor plays a role, as does, briefly, does Ratchet.  In Ratchet, you’ll see a couple of familiar faces.

Anything else about the book you would want to share with fans to look forward to?

Knaak: Things will not go well for some of our heroes.  We will also learn what is going on with some familiar faces and meet yet another member of the Windrunner family…and not necessarily a good one for Vereesa.  The events will definitely have repercussions on the dragons, which means, of course, the rest of Azeroth.


Who is the main protagonist here: Malfurion or Illidan?

Knaak: There are several characters of significance in the book…and it is not about Illidan.

When do the events take place and where?

Knaak: Can’t say, but you will see matters concerning the night elves.  With a title like Stormrage, that would be logical.

Are we gonna learn more of Illidan’s plans in Outland or Malfurion’s perils in the Emerald Dream’s Nightmare?

Knaak: Still can’t say.


What can you tell us about Dragons of Outland at this point? It’s been a year since our Istrocon interview.

Knaak: We are finally working on it!  Jorad Mace and Tyrygosa are the main focus.  Naturally, we’ll see nether dragons.  More is not permitted, but there’ll be some great artwork.

The volumes will also hopefully come out closer together, but we’ll see.

Are we learning more of Jorad Mace’s past and sequels of his nightmarish calls to service Arthas the Lich King?

Knaak: Jorad will be trying to move on and redeem himself.  He’ll also be trying to remind himself that he is a human and Tyri is not.

What can you tell us about the villains in this new adventure into Outland?

Knaak: Villain is a term with some question marks, but let us say that there will at least be one of a kind that fans really enjoy at the moment.  Not helpful, I know.

In Wrath of the Lich King, Malygos is recruiting mage-hunters to attack the Wyrmrest Temple and any magic-wielder, as well as to realign the ley lines of the world. Are we gonna find out in this manga what exactly Malygos’ plans are with these ley lines redirected into the core of the planet?  It kinda looks dangerous, specially when the Old gods have already attempted to escape in War of the Ancients. What if Malygos accidentally … oh, noes! Or is it accidental at all or willingly? Hmm …

Knaak: You’ll have to see if any of this is explored… If the readers think these none answers are annoying, they should imagine how I feel!

It is been about seven months since New York Comic con.  Any updates concerning Diablo novels, or can the new authors be mentioned?

Knaak: Nope, only that I will eventually be doing another, likely after Stormrage. Hope to be there [New York Comic Con] and hope to see everyone.  Glad to have run into so many readers at the Blizzcon!

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Thanks, Richard. It is always a pleasure and joy to hear from you. Medievaldragon reporting to the Warcraft lore community.

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