As part of the World of Warcraft Talent System Panel held at BlizzCon 2011, Ghostcrawler introduced details of the Shaman talent trees.

Level 15

Now Frozen Power now makes your Frost Shock root in ice.

Earthgrab Totem roots enemies around the totem for 5 sec, and slow down movement by 50%.

Repulsion Totem which repels target from getting close to you.

Level 30

Level 30 is about Survivability. The existing Nature Guardian, which heals you when you get hurt. Stone Bulwark is a new totem that you drop down and puts a shield on you. Remember, there’s no buff totems anymore, so you can choose which of the totems we have now out here.

And then Astral Shift will actually like shift you into another phase so that you take less damage while you are out there.

Level 45

Let me explain Improved Ghost Wolf. We’ll give the Ghost Wolf form to every Shaman, and then flip them around. If you want the freedom wolf you take the talent along with the instant wolf.

Windwalk Totem will brand all your group with immunity to movement imparing effects while it’s out.

The Tranquil Mind Totem is the same effect as Aura Mastery. In this case, rather than reducing push back, it makes you immune to spellcast interruption and silence effects while it’s up.

Level 60

Level 60 is a healing tier. We’ve a new healing totem. It’s kind of a little tranquility for the Shaman.

Ancestral Guidance has a chance of copying a heal to another target, or when you deal damage, or heal, you can heal another target.

And Fortifying Waters is a little bit of damage reduction for Healing Rain.

Level 75

Level 75 is about burst for the most part. The key part of Elemental Mastery is — don’t worry so much about activating the next Lightning Bolt or whatever. It’s pretty much a self-Bloodlust.

Nature Swiftness is the activated version to give you a fast spell. It has a little bit of passive haste as well.

And then the Echo of the Elements, you can imagine this as your own personal Dragon Wrath. It has a chance to clone a damage or healing spell.

Level 90

Level 90 is what we’ll call here a high concept tier. These are all about doing crazy things to your totems.

Elemental Harmony lets you have multiple totems of the same kind.

Totemic Restoration if you replace or destroy a totem, it reduces its cooldown. Say you drop one of your raid cooldown totems, and you see someone else puts down power barrier, then you can pull that totem back up and drop another totem and then your other totem will be available pretty quickly. (note: no clue what he said here)

And then Totemic Projection lets you move your totems — and the cool thing is that you aren’t just moving them close to you. You can decide and throw it over there instead.

(Room breaks into applauses)

I love this tier. It’s three superpowerful things, and it feels very exciting. You decided which you want, and mix up over time.

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