BlizzCast 6 is already available with a few interesting interviews.  This time around Bashiok (Diablo III Community Manager) interviewed Anthony Rivero (Senior Character Artist), who worked on Diablo II and Lord of Destruction. He created the Mosquito Demon in Act 3 and modeled and textured Mephisto, the Druid and some of its abilities and pets. For the expansion, Anthony Rivero was credited as Lead Character Artist.

This is an interesting interview because he talks about the differences between creating Diablo II and now Diablo III. Back then the 3D modelers had to do everything from the ground up.  They had to do concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging and go through the tedious process of creating sprites of each armor and body part in 16 different directions for every frame animation. A very lengthy and complex process.  All that is now a thing of the past in Diablo 3 gone fully into a 3D engine. He designed the female Witch Doctor and her armor and the scavenger pets among other monsters.

The Fan Q&A with Jay Wilson offers details of the elixirs, special random death animations, and the full-screen map overlay.  Two Diablo III questions from IncGamers fans ( and Blizzplanet) were answered; so check them out. Congratulations to Immelmann and Sly_dawg19 who submited the questions to us. We forwarded them to Bashiok (Diablo III Community Manager) for this BlizzCast 6 Q&A session.

  • Elixirs are rare drops, not obtainable from vendors. They add special buffs for certain tough encounters.
  • Death Animations will be implemented through a check system where each boss checks your low health stats and randomly decides what type of animation set will be used. The Diablo III team is still jamming ideas about how to implement this system, and what kind of cool death animations to do or if they should at all.
  • Thus far there are no plans for a full-screen map overlay. However, some ideas are being discussed.

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