Blizzard is well known for their humor, specially in the forums.  A fan demanded Blizzard to open the gates of the Graymane Wall, to which Zarhym replied:

Blizzard Quote:
The consequences could be disastrous! We’d be absolutely out of our minds to ever do such a thing.

Bornakk posted on the same thread with suspensive dots after quoting Zarhym, followed by Crygil quoting Bornakk with exclamation marks. You will think, hey that’s nothing. No teasing here. And you might be right. Or there is more to it, than meets the eye.

Back on February 7, during our interview with Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson we asked if there were plans to open Gilneas in a future expansion.  They said there were awesome plans for Gilneas but couldn’t talk about it. If you missed that epic interview where both briefly talk about Gilneas, watch the video interview.

What plans does Blizzard has in store for us behind the Graymane Wall?  A high-end dungeon? A Wintergrasp successor? Whatever it is, it will be amazing!