I want to remind our breed of visitors — those who are geeky, love the lore and all types of merchandise with the Blizzard logo — that the J!NX World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo III Fall 2011 T-Shirt, and Hoodies series are not too far in the future.

Last year, J!NX launched the Fall 2010 series on August 20. Thus, this year they might be announcing the Fall 2011 line up of products around that time, a week or two more or less. J!NX unveiled some of the new products to expect for the upcoming Fall 2011 line up at the SDCC 2011 Blizzard panel — which includes the Tyrael and Demon Hunter Hoodies, the Diablo-skull-buckle belt, the mistress of pain socks, and the new T-shirts.

With that in mind, the recent Summer 2011 series is still available while supplies last. Check them out, pick your favorite designs and wear them proudly like the geek you are.

J!NX just let us know the latest promotion: Save 10% when you spend $40+

Use Promotion Code: RAIDERS

This offer expires Monday, August 01, 2011 at 11:59PM PDT, so don’t wait!
*can’t be combined with any other offers, sale prices, or discounts