Bashiok posted a preview of things to come in the in-game Pet Store. From the looks of this image, I assume Blizzard might sell special high-polygon/resolution masks similar to those seen during Halloween, and special attachments to helmets (as seen in the Tauren’s helm below). One of the preview images shows a mount and an elaborate Battle Standard that matches the mount appearance.

Seems Blizzard Entertainment is going to introduce a very exciting feature. We have seen similar treats for years in the Cryptozoic World of Warcraft TCG loot cards, but this new feature will allow players to obtain the same quality of vanity items without the hassle of collecting random cards. Neat!

WoWHead unearthed the datamined items seen in the preview. Those are vanity helms, and an iron hitching pole that transforms the mounts of all raid/party members into a