Many undocumented fixes and additions have been made. There is an unofficial patch note thread circulating on the Warcraft forums.

Among these noted changes are a few worth highlighting:

Talents have been reset as usual, don’t forget to spec before heading out to your favorite instance!

– Level 70 Honor gear vendor removed from Champion’s Hall.
– New potions added to PVP Vendor.
– New tips added to the loading screen.
– Wiping on the Pathaleon gauntlet in Mechanaar no longer locks you out.

– Arena set bonuses changed for Paladin sets.
– Talisman of the Horde changed.

– Blade’s Edge Quest: The Damaged Mask fixed for Horde. (Sort of)
– Blade’s Edge Mountains: Rexxar now gives you the next quest in his chain without telling you that you don’t meet the requirements.

– Mangle debuff now applies to things that cannot bleed for purposes of the Shred bonus.

– Taming Fixed.

– Felguard AC buffed back up.
– Soulwell now appropriately requires 2 people to channel.