A few weeks ago we looked at some of the characters who would be traveling through the Dark Portal and into this alternate Draenor on the Alliance side.

Before hitting the jump to see them, note that is all alpha information and is highly subject to change. It’s also datamined, which means this could be left over data from already scrapped content. In other words, this is what appears to be correct at the time, but take it with a grain of salt just in case.



You disappoint me, Garrosh. You are not worthy of your father’s legacy.

After the siege of Orgrimmar, Thrall turned down the opportunity to regain his position as Warchief of the Horde. He refused to even take a leadership role among the orcs, believing Saurfang or Eitrigg would better suit them. For all intents and purposes Thrall is just another citizen of the Horde, intent on living a simple life with Aggra and their newborn son, Durak.

When the Iron Horde invaded, that all changed. Seeing himself as personally responsible for their existence, Thrall has elected to lead an expedition of the Horde’s greatest champions into Draenor. On this savage and alien world, he plans to finally correct the mistake he made long ago, and kill Garrosh Hellscream.


Lady Liadrin, Matriarch of the Blood Knights

Our people had walked a dark path and mine was among the darkest of all.

Once a devout priestess of the holy light, Liadrin lost her faith when the scourge destroyed Quel’Thalas. When Kael’thas Sunstrider returned from Outland with the promise of a new source of power, a way to steal and force the light to serve at one’s command, Liadrin jumped at the chance. She became the first Blood Knight, an order of paladins who fed off the enslaved naaru M’uru for their powers. When Kael’thas’ duplicity was revealed, Liadrin sought to redeem herself, and the Blood Knight order at large, renouncing the house of Sunstrider and taking up the true ways of the light once more. Today, Liadrin is one of the most devout paladins, overseeing the Sunwell and preaching the virtues of the light to all who visit her.

Liadrin and a small sect of Blood Knights have chosen to accompany Thrall to Draenor. She hopes to learn more about the naaru, and continue her redemption in the eyes of the light. However Liadrin and her knights are quickly separated from the main Horde forces, and find themselves joining forces with the draenei of Auchindoun to repel a new invasion by the Burning Legion…


Mehlar Dawnblade

I WILL have my revenge!

Unlike most blood knight, Mehlar had been a paladin before the Third War. He studied under Uther the Lightbringer himself, and was known for a strict moral code. When Quel’Thalas fell under the direction Arthas, both a human and a paladin, Mehlar turned against the light. After becoming one of Liadrin’s Blood Knights, Mehlar traveled to the Western Plaguelands to defile his former mentor’s tomb. When the spirit of Uther not only appeared, but forgave Mehlar for his actions, he suffered a personal crisis of faith.

What became of Mehlar after the failed attempt at defiling Uther’s tomb and whether his views on the Light have changed is unknown, though he is one Blood Knights Liadrin chose to accompany her to Draenor.



Gazlowe, Boss of Ratchet

You can get anything done for a price.

Gazlowe will swear he’s above the faction conflict, and does indeed welcome Alliance into his port-town, Ratchet. However he’s also old friends with Thrall, Vol’jin, and the late Cairne Bloodhoof. He was the architect behind both Orgrimmar’s initial construction and its iron makeover after the Cataclysm. He supported Baine in the retaking of Thunder Bluff from the Grimtotems at a discount, something unheard for a goblin. Gazlowe is Horde in all but name.

There’s great business to be had settling an untamed world like Draenor, so Gazlowe has offered his services to the Horde once again. He’ll use his architectural know-how to oversee the construction of a mighty garrison for the Horde’s operations in Draenor. A garrison meant to be run by the Horde’s greatest champion: you.

That’s all for now, but remember, this is datamined info from the Alpha is subject, if not likely, to change at any moment. Also, since this list is shorter than the Alliance’s I suspect we haven’t yet learned all the Horde characters who will be venturing through the Dark Portal just yet.

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