The recent datamining of the Warlords of Draenor alpha by MMO-Champion has revealed much about the upcoming expansion’s story. We’ve known from its announcement that, similar to MoP, our characters will journey into Draenor with an elite team of heroes from their respective factions, but now it has been revealed precisely who will accompany us. While we’ll be seeing plenty of characters from Warcraft’s lore on Draenor, these are the familiar faces from Azeroth. For this first article, we’ll look at the Alliance expedition.

Before hitting the jump to see them, note that is all alpha information and is highly subject to change. It’s also datamined, which means this could be left over data from already scrapped content. In other words, this is what appears to be correct at the time, but take it with a grain of salt just in case.

Alright, first off let’s see who will accompany Alliance players on their expedition to Draenor.



Vindicator Maraad

Are any of you more holy than me? I am the LEADER of this expedition, and I will not be questioned any further!

Most draenei are peaceful, most draenei attempt to focus their emotions on the legion and secure peace. Maraad is not most draenei. During the rise of the Horde, Maraad watched his lover, a priestess named Yrel, fall in battle against the orcs. His sister was taken by the Shadow Council, forcibly impregnated with a half draenei, half orc child. Though he may be a paladin, Vindicator Maraad thirsts for vengeance, and his bloodlust may soon overcome him.

When the Iron Horde invaded, Maraad was selected to lead the Alliance’s expedition into Draenor. Now he has been given a second chance to save his people, avenge his fallen comrades, and ensure that draenei of this timeline never fall to the orcs. His rage is a great, and unusual asset to the Alliance, but it may also consume him.



Khadgar, Archmage of the Kirin Tor

We are here to talk terms. Both of our peoples have suffered at the hands of this “Iron Horde.” I mean to hunt down their general Orgrim Doomhammer and make him answer for the attacks on our peoples. Do you have the courage to stand with us?

One of the Council of Six, and former apprentice to Medivh, Khadgar has seen more of Draenor than most. During the second war he journeyed to Draenor to shut down the Dark Portal, a mission that seems to have come again. While a member of the Alliance, Khadgar sees the value in working with the Horde. He has journeyed to Talador, where he hopes to unite the draenei and Frostwolf orcs for an assault on Shattrath City and it’s overlord, Orgrim Doomhammer.



Hansel Heavyhands

Sounds like a crap job to me. Life ain’t worth livin’ if y’don’t have lads and a lass t’come home to.

Unlike most Dark Iron dwarves, Hansel never had a problem with the other dwarven clans and as such joined the neutral Thorium Brotherhood. Whether his recent joining of the Alliance is an independent action, or if the entire Brotherhood has, remains to be seen. At first, Hansel and his wife traveled to Draenor solely as part of the Alliance cause, and planned to return to their home in the Searing Gorge after their mission was complete. That was before his wife was taken captive by the Iron Horde. Now, for Hansel, this is personal.



Baros Alexston, Architect of Stormwind

It seems an eternity since I was a boy working the farm in Westfall. They say you can never go back, and it’s true. Doubly true in my case.

Unlike the other members of the Alliance sent to Draenor, Baros Alexston is no soldier. From humble beginnings as the son of farmer in Westfall, Baros went on to become the chief architect of Stormwind. The construction of the Stormwind Harbor gatehouse, and city’s rebuilding after the Cataclysm were overseen by him. Baros has been sent with the purpose of designing a garrison from which the Alliance can direct their actions on Draenor, your garrison.



Princess Tess Greymane, Heir to the Gilnean Throne

This is a surprise. I can’t even find a good quote to put with her. Tess is Genn Greymane’s daughter and thus future queen of Gilneas. In the BlizzCon Shadowmoon Valley demo, players had to seek out a worgen character in an area called Twilight Glade. Now the alpha’s files show Tess being located there. From this we must assume Tess has replaced the new worgen character. Whether this means she has become a worgen like her father is unclear.



Admiral Taylor

Adversity, our constant companion.

Taylor has risen quickly through the Alliance’s ranks since the Cataclysm. He lead the Alliance’s initial force in Pandaria, and accompanied the Alliance fleet during the siege of Orgrimmar. At BlizzCon, he appeared in Karabor, but seemed absent from more recent gameplay videos. There is some evidence of his presence in the newly datamined game files though, which suggests he may still be present.

There are at least two other members of the Alliance expedition. Thaelin, a Dark Iron dwarf who has not previously appeared in any lore, and a currently unnamed gnome. Its possible that there are others who have not bee datamined at all. As well as draenor natives who chose to join them, such as Yrel.

Ian Bates

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