UPDATE: The Super Colossal Sale has been extended until Tuesday, Jan 31.

      The people have spoken, and they have cried for more Super-Colossal Sale! The on-staff wizards, shamans, mages, clerics, and other magic types have called upon eldritch energies and have discovered a spell that has allowed our prices to stay low for another 3 days. It is through their casting that many of our tees are $7 off, hoodies at $15 off, and accessories at 30% off. Alas, this has drained them of almost all mana, so they will not be able to conjure these prices for the foreseeable future. Get in on this while the spell lasts.

Several Blizzard T-shirts (Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo) are now part of the JINX Super Colossal Discount offer until Tuesday, January 31.

      Limited Time Only
      Now through Friday, we’re bringing back an old favorite – the Super-Colossal Sale! Get $7 off hundres of tees, $15 off a bunch of hoodies, and 30% off a ton of accessories.

I double-checked. For as long as you remain within this page, all the T-shirts, hoodies and other items fall within the discount offer. The page doesn’t show the true price of each product. You must click on any of the product images to see the updated price. Remember you must stay within the Super Colossal Sale section if you wish to see those products with discount prices. However, the section has several pages (bottom of the page) you can browse through.

You are free to purchase other products at normal price, as there is no promo code.

Visit the following link to benefit from this promo offer.