WoW Insider has a nice interview with Cryptozoic Entertainment Head Designer Ben Cichoski at the 2011 PAX East. They talk about the transition of the WoW TCG license from UDE to Cryptozoic. The Worldbreaker TCG expansion was developed in 8 months, in contrast with the 14 month cycle other card sets take to be finished.

Some interesting bits from this interview:

  • The War of the Elements (Set 2 of 3 in the Worldbreaker Block) is almost locked and ready for printing. (On sale April 11, 2011)
  • Two dragonflights: Bronze and Blue. Kalecgos and Nozdormu cards.
  • Kalecgos is confirmed to be new Aspect of Magic.
  • Elemental Lord allies can be recruited. Insanely powerful.
  • Each booster pack contains Elemental tokens.