Blizzard Entertainment will be present at the 2010 Game Developers Conference to be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA through March 9-13 (Tuesday-Saturday).

Dominic Filion (Senior Software Engineer II, Blizzard Entertainment) will have an interesting panel titled:

Designing for Performance, Scalability & Reliability: Starcraft II’s Approach

The date for this Starcraft II panel is not yet set in stone. It’s tagged as TBD (to be determined). We will update you and stay alert when the date is set.

Designing for Performance, Scalability & Reliability: StarCraft II’s Approach
Speaker: Dominic Filion (Senior Software Engineer II, Blizzard Entertainment)

Date/Time: TBD
Track: Programming
Secondary Track: Production
Format: 60-minute Lecture
Experience Level: All

Session Description
This session presents an ensemble of techniques Blizzard has developed to ensure high scalability, performance and robustness for the StarCraft II engine. Techniques will be shared that ensured our game ran on the widest possible range of PC hardware available, ensuring robustness on each targeted system spec while aiming to utilize each hardware tier to its maximum potential. Concepts, data, tools demonstrations and production processes overviews will be presented that empowered our development team to make this process as reliable and accurate as possible.

Intended Audience
This lecture is intended for programmers, technical directors or generally any game developer interested in improvement of development processes, particularly for scalability, performance and quality assurance. A good understanding of modern video game production workflow is recommended.

Attendees will get a sneak peek at how Blizzard approached technological development on StarCraft II, and will gain a fresh perspective on how to approach issues facing engine development, scalability, performance and robustness. Attendees will be presented with several practical, hands-on approaches to tackling these problems.