1UP is publishing a long editorial of their hands-on coverage and interviews with Blizzard Entertainment from their recent visit to the Irvine Headquarters.  They have split it into various articles released each day for a week. Read up and visit the 1UP Mini-Site titled Starcraft II: The Zerg – A week-long journey into the center of Blizzard’s real-time strategy storm.

MONDAY 5.05.08
Seven Matches, Seven Victories
PREVIEW: Jeff Green and James Mielke go head-to-head in seven grueling matches as the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg to dissect the new gameplay mechanics. Plus: exclusive new screens.

TUESDAY 5.06.08
Retronauts Presents: Blizzard vs. Westwood
FEATURE: Inside a storied RTS rivalry.

Video Interview
VIDEO: Chris Sigaty talks about the series’ evolution.


The Dangerous Book for Zerglings
FEATURE: Build times, resource costs, statistics, and tons of geeky inside intel on StarCraft II’s Zerg units and structures. Plan your rush today!

THURSDAY 5.08.08
Samwise Speaks
FEATURE: Blizzard’s main artist talks past, present, and future.

Blizzard Studio Tour
VIDEO: Take a stroll around Blizzard’s brand new campus.

FRIDAY 5.09.08
Top 5 StarCraft Opening Gambits
FEATURE: There’s more to life than the Zergling rush. 1UP breaks down the maneuvers and starting strategies that can make or break a StarCraft match.