Insight Editions posted a new image from Diablo III: Book of Cain. It contains a goodbye letter from Deckard Cain to Leah that she is meant to find after he dies of age.

This letter doesn’t spoil anything except to point out how important is Leah to the Diablo III story, and maybe future expansions.

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Insight Editions will release images for the next twelve days:

“Diablo fans have had to be patient with us as the arrival of Diablo III: Book of Cain was delayed by a few days last week.

Over the next twelve days, we will feature some of the artwork and interior pages from the book through our social media channels.

Follow the hashtag, #12DaysofDiablo on Twitter or stop by the Insight Editions Facebook page as we reveal pages from Diablo III: Book of Cain, including the opening letter from Dekcard Cain to his niece, Leah.”

Today’s Image Transcript

“My dear Leah.

In the Inevitable event of my death, may I precede you by many decades to the grave.

Do not mourn me, Leah. Despite all I have been through, I have had a long and amazing life. I have died doing exactly what I was meant to do. I have lived and loved freely these long years — and have known only joy at seeing the bright, beautiful woman you’ve become. I believe that I now go on to a place beyond imagining. Though, I have no name for it, nor real understanding of where it lies, save beyond the broken bounds of this world.

I long for this paradise, Leah — and the peace and rest I might find there on the other side of this mortal existence. I want you to know this, dear one, above all other things I could have taught you that there is hope beyond this reality. Beyond the realms of Heaven and Hell and all the shadowed spaces that lie between. Hold fast to that hope in the face of the dark times ahead, and you will find the truest meaning of your life.

Though I know that you do not believe me when I speak of dread omens. I think you are beginning to respect that my words ring of truth. I was a non-believer as well. I remember, even as a child, reading the Horadric tales and thinking that while they were wonderful stories, they were only that — wonderful stories. Tales such as those of Anu and the Dragon, the Mage Clan Wars, the Sin War, and the Hunt for the Three merely were told to embrace imagination. I now see, much to my regret that even within these legends there lives a deeper and more profound truth. For, as I have come to discover, truth is hidden in unexpected places.

If events are as I believe them to be, some truths will be revealed very shortly which will make you a believer — perhaps even upon the day of my death. For I believe that if our world is to be saved, you have a pivotal role to play in the salvation, though I know not — nor do I begin to speculate — what that role might be.”