Zul’Drak - King of the Storm Giants

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A few days ago, I mentioned the most epic quest gameplay-wise was at Sholazar Basin with the Freya storyarc where you control a Stonewatcher of Norgannon and kill 200 Undead Scourge. Well, that was until I played today the new quest introduced last friday with beta build 8770. This is a totally badass quest!—and I don’t use that term often.

Once you free the Storm Giant from his cage near Thrym’s End (northwest of Zul’Drak), your character will be placed on his head. You take full control of him to use his special abilities. You can do an AOE damage effect that really beats any spell in the game. The Storm Giant’s spell hits with such force that you can see Undead Scourge flying in all directions at least 80-100 yards away from you. You can grab a single target on your hand and with another button slam it against other scourge causing an aoe damage with bones splashing all over. To heal yourself, you need to search around for Storm clouds.  Stay on top of them for some seconds until your Storm Giant becomes energized going to full health. The moment you start controlling the storm giant dozens of Scourge will be seen afar coming at you. They keep coming nonstop. I can see this quest will cause a lot of lag and crashes—but who cares. It’s just awesome. Would love a variation of this quest to be a daily quest.

The Storm King’s Vengeance

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