You Play World of Warcraft? You’re Hired!

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Uncategorized published an article about an IT Engineer who applied for a Senior Director of Engineering Operations position at Yahoo!—former CNET backend creator—who snagged the job position with an edge by mentioning to be a Guild Master in World of Warcraft.

Wired: “the process of becoming an effective World of Warcraft guild master amounts to a total-immersion course in leadership. A guild is a collection of players who come together to share knowledge, resources, and manpower. To run a large one, a guild master must be adept at many skills: attracting, evaluating, and recruiting new members; creating apprenticeship programs; orchestrating group strategy; and adjudicating disputes. Guilds routinely splinter over petty squabbles and other basic failures of management; the master must resolve them without losing valuable members, who can easily quit and join a rival guild. Never mind the virtual surroundings; these conditions provide real-world training a manager can apply directly in the workplace.”

Thanks Vereesa@Argent Dawn

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