Xfire Debate Club: The Classes of WoW

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Xfire invites you to the newest installment of the Xfire Debate Club on June 19th, where global World of Warcraft specialists and industry experts will discuss the different classes in Azeroth and the Outlands. Which classes are best and worst? In which environments? Why won’t anyone group with Rogues? And more importantly, what could Blizzard do to make the World of Warcraft a better world for everyone?

Moderator: Elizabeth Wachowski – Writer; WoWinsider

Special Guests:

  * Philip “Mek” Curry – Guild Master; Curse Guild
  * Maxime “Teza” Perignon – Founder; World of Raids
  * Terry “Ming” – Blogger; GameRiot.com
  * Stefan “Zeksy” Baudin – Leader; SK Gaming
  * Brian “Tiz” Gustafson – Member; Flow Gaming
  * John “Nuvas” Liao – Member; Flow Gaming
  * Guillaume “Skosiris” Cournoyer – Chief Architect Officer; WoWHead.com

To join in the WoW Classes debate, and vie for a spot in the Two-Handed Sword Clan, visit the Xfire Debate Club page.

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