WoW TCG: March of the Legion Tour

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The World of Warcraft TCG: March of the Legion Tour starts next weekend (April 18-20) with stops at four stores in Wisconsin .  On Monday the 21st, the Tour kicks off a week-long adventure through Ohio , plus stops in Pennsylvania , Indiana and Kentucky (April 21 -27).  The Northern California leg is April 25-27, followed by stops in Florida , Massachusetts and Michigan on May 2-4.  For more information, please click here.

Upper Deck will be at New York Comic Con through April 18-20. You may find them at booth 1331.

Upper Deck Entertainment Announces

Battle Against Upper Deck “Legionnaires”!
Prove Your Skill! Win Great Prizes!

CARLSBAD, CA (March 18, 2008)—Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) today announced the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game (TCG) March of the Legion™ Tour, to be hosted at select local hobby stores across North America starting in April. Players can test their World of Warcraft TCG skills against UDE “Legionnaires” for exclusive prizes. Visit for the latest information on tour dates and locations.

Hobby stores throughout North America will host these Limited-format events, inviting players to challenge skilled Legionnaires. Any player who beats a Legionnaire will win a fan-favorite Varimathras Extended Art card and a Leeroy Jenkins t-shirt. All tour participants will receive a never-before-seen Extended Art version of the Weeble card from the March of the Legion expansion (while supplies last).

“We are very excited to be working closely with hobby store retailers on the March of the Legion Tour. As a former hobby store owner myself, I know that Organized Play events like these are great for attracting new players to the game and for bringing existing players into the hobby stores,” said Scott Gaeta, Upper Deck’s Director of Entertainment Marketing. “Upper Deck is committed to offering fun and exciting programs like the March of the Legion Tour to help retailers build stronger relationships with players.”

World of Warcraft TCG Research & Development and Organized Play teams will make up the UDE Legionnaires. After each event, the Legionnaires will blog about the excitement of the day on This way, even players who cannot make it to specific locations can join in the fun of the tour. UDE will also launch a comprehensive marketing and outreach program to assist hobby store retailers in publicizing the March of the Legion Tour.

For additional information on the March of the Legion Tour and the World of Warcraft TCG, visit

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