WoW TCG: March of the Legion

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Players Can Catch an Advanced Glimpse of the New Set at Upper Deck Entertainment’s Nationwide Sneak Preview Event on Saturday, November 17

Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) invites trading card game (TCG) players this month to join the Infernals as they march from the Deathforge of Shadowmoon Valley to reinforce armies across the realms of Outland with the new March of the Legion™ expansion set.  An introduction to the second year of the award-winning World of Warcraft® TCG, starter sets and booster packs for March of the Legion will be available in late November.

However, for players who would like to get an advanced glimpse of the set before it releases, UDE will host a nationwide March of the Legion Sneak Preview event on Saturday, November 17 at participating hobby retail stores.  The Sneak Preview events will give players a chance to be among the first to play with brand-new cards from the set, which features Aldor and Scryer sub-factions, new keywords and demonic allies.

Participants will receive the exclusive “Thundering Footsteps” promo card (while supplies last).  New March of the Legion playmats will also be given away as door prizes.

March of the Legion will debut the new World of Warcraft TCG booster pack configuration, which consists of four additional cards per pack (three common cards and one uncommon card) and one UDE Points card.  With the new booster pack configuration, players will have more of an opportunity to collect the highly sought-after Loot™ cards, which gives players who receive them access to unique World of Warcraft in-game items.  The set’s Loot cards will feature foil versions of the regular cards with a modified card template, which adds a great look to any player’s deck.  All Loot cards can only be found through the World of Warcraft TCG.

March of the Legion starter sets will contain a 33-card deck built for one of the nine character classes, three oversized Hero cards, two booster packs to customize decks and one rulebook.

For more information on World of Warcraft TCG products a list of stores hosting the Sneak Preview event, log on to or

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