Wow Patch 2.2 - Upcoming Sound Engine Update

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Evanm – Blizzard Dev – has revealed a new feature in patch 2.2 that might make certain players happy.  Blizzard has deployed a Community/Development Team Notice concerning a new in-game sound engine.

In the upcoming content patch 2.2, the in-game sound engine is being changed to a new, exclusively software-based system. This change is being made to allow for a much greater range of compatibility and should result in improved sound performance for many users. The new sound engine provides all of the same features that have always been available in the game, but now extends those features, such as reverb effects, to players who previously couldn’t take advantage of them. This change also allows us greater control and ease in supporting and developing for the wide range of sound hardware, as well as future upgrades and improvements to the in-game sound effects and options.

While the switch to the new unified sound engine should be seamless for most users, we ask that any players experiencing issues with their sound after the release of the patch please contact technical support after following basic troubleshooting steps at the link below.

Threads discussing this matter may be locked, this forum should be used to assist players with technical support matters. Discussion on sound engine changes should be made on the General Discussion forums or Suggestions forums.

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