WoW Machinima: Past and Future

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Xfire Team: “If you are looking for inspiration as you are making your Axe Machinima entry or you just have a craving for some top notch WoW movies, we have just released “The Best of the Blizzard/Xfire WoW Machinima Contest” Reel. Here you will see dozens of examples of award winning machinima taken from the finalists of the 8 different categories. We continue to be impressed by the entries we received and we have released this special video as a tribute to the hard work put in by all of the contestants.

To download this WoW movie and others like it, go directly to the WoW Movie Contest page.

If you can’t get enough of WoW machinima, you’ll want to check out the trailer for Return 2. The Rufus Cubed guys have shown yet again why they are some of the best WoW Machinima makers out there. The full release for Return 2 is scheduled for June 2006. To download the file, go directly to the Return 2 file page.”

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