Wow: Burning Crusade E3 2006: NYTimes interviews Tigole

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Jeff Kaplan was interviewed by NYTimes to talk about the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, the new Alliance race and upcoming plans.  The 5-pages interview will tell you everything you needed to know.

Q. Why were the Draenei the right choice for the Alliance expansion race?

A. It was the right choice for a number of reasons; it wasn?t just one factor. One of the main reasons is that the expansion mostly takes place in the Outlands. The Outlands were formerly the land of Draenor, the orcs? homeworld. It was this nice peaceful planet at one time and then it was corrupted. In the story of the Draenei they were a very pure and good race aligned with The Light, sort of this holy representation.

Q. What classes will be available to the Draenei?

A. Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Mage and Hunter. We might change that, however, maybe add or remove a class.

Q. Tell us about the physical appearance of the Draenei.

A. Well, the Draenei share a heritage with one of the major enemies in Warcraft, Archimonde. They are both descended from the Eredar. Lots of players have wanted to play demons, and Draenei are the closest you can get to looking like an Eredar. They have these cool forehead features, and one of the customization features is switching around these facial features and the tendrils hanging beneath the chin and so on.

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