World of Warcraft: The Guilded Age

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Shacknews posted a 3-pages article titled: World of Warcraft: The Guilded Age going over the structure and hierarchy of guilds, and the function of Guild Masters or leaders. Those interested to know how DKP system works, the article goes over the intricacies surrounding loot splitting fairness. (Read More)

A “DKP” system, or “Dragon Killing Points” system, uses simple mathematics and game theory in its attempt to level the playing field, and bring sanity to a treasure-hungry populace.

Normally when a significant item is found on a boss monster, the players that need it for their characters enter an automated, random lottery to determine who ends up with it. Under a DKP system, after a high level boss is taken down during a guild raid, every member in attendance gains an equal number of killing points. Instead of rolling a die, members spend their accumulated points to “buy” the items they need as they are found, rather than leaving them entirely to chance. This not only encourages regular participation, but also takes away most of the random, anxiety-filled nature of loot distribution. Even if what you want isn’t found after eight dungeon raids, you still have effectively gained the same amount of loot as everyone else by having saved up points that you will spend later.

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