World of Warcraft Easter Eggs Update

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I have been updating the World of Warcraft Easter Eggs sections as more submissions arrive.  Recently, Blizzplanet made the news headlines on

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There are a few new submissions. Below are 10 samples just to itch your curiosity and to encourage you to read more:

1. In the Undercity, you recieve a Warrior Class quest called “Speak With Dillinger” from NPC Austil de Mon.

Reference: Tron (1982) – In Tron, Warriors are set to clash in an arena. The MCP at one point tells Alan to “Speak with Dillenger Immediately”.

2. Witchdoctor Bom’bay (Watch Video) – Sen’jin Village, Durotar

The Witch Doctor in Sen’jin village will somethimes say “Eekum Bokem” when he transforms you.

Reference: Banjo-Kazooie’s character Mumbo Jumbo. He is a shaman who transforms Banjo into things to help complete the game’s missions. When you bring mumbo tokens found in the game to Mumbo Jumbo, you will hear him say “Eekum Bokem” before transforming Banjo.

3. A dog chases a cat named Underfoot by the blacksmith building at the center of Arathi Basin Battleground.

Reference: A book titled Friday written by Robert Heinlein in which a cat named Mr. Underfoot has the uncanny ability to occupy the floor of a large room by himself.

4. Found in the Thandol Span, the bridge between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands. One of the Dun Modr quests leads you down inside the bridge to find the body of a missing Dwarf. In the room where he is found there is a mechanical arm in a glass container next to the wall. Occasionally the in-game mechanical arm will twitch.

Reference: “Terminator 2”, where one of the remaining artifacts from the original Terminator (in the first movie) was an undamaged Endo-skeleton arm kept in a glass container at Skylab.

5. The Thandol Span bridge was destroyed by the Dark Iron Dwarves. A corpse underwater beneath the Thandol Span bridge in Wetlands starts a quest: Sully Balloo’s Letter. You deliver the letter to Sara Balloo in Ironforge.

Reference: Sullivan Ballou was a solider during the U.S. Civil War who sent a letter to his wife Sara on July 14, 1861. The in-game letter is a reference to the letter written by Sullivan in real-life. In-game, the dark iron dwarves and Ironforge dwarves have been at each other’s throats since their civil war, 200 years ago.

6. Linken is a gnome in Un’Goro Crater. His quest starts when you find his raft (boat) on one of the pools to the southeast. Linken gives you a photograph containing Linken and a female Gnome standing in front of Stormwind Castle.

Reference: Link and Zelda stand in front of Hyrule Castle. The female Gnome is dressed similarly to Zelda.

7. During the First Aid “Triage” quest in Hammerfall, one of the dying patients says: “Goodbye, cruel world, I’m leaving you today… goodbye… goodbye…

Reference: Pink Floyd – Lyrics from The Wall Album song: Goodbye Cruel World.

8. Max Luna in Gadgetzan, Tanaris

Reference: Max is in reference to Maximillian Sterling (Ace of the SDF-1), and Luna is a location in reference to Moon Base LUNA.

9. The two NPCs, Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Eschamali stand right next to each other at Stormspire, Netherstorm. They babble something about his brother being a famous star.

Reference: Libra Constellation – A pair of stars Zubenelgenubi(Alpha Librae) and Zubeneschamali (Beta Librae), which are respectively the alpha and beta stars of the Libra constellation. Zubenelgenubi is arabic for “the southern claw”. Zubeneschamali is arabic for “the northern claw”.

10.  What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets… is a quest given at the Bridge near Eclipse Point, Shadowmoon Valley … Part of the Cipher of Damnation quest-chain.

Reference: Amused to Death (1992, Solo Album) – Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame

What God Wants Part. 1:

“What God wants, God gets, God help us all What God wants, God gets The kid in the corner looked at the priest And fingered his pale blue Japanese guitar.”

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