World of Warcraft Closed Beta Has Begun!

It is official. Eyonix – Blizzard Representative – has confirmed that World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Closed Beta has begun! Now what does that really means?  The term it has begun means that the initial batch of emails to chosen players has been sent. This process takes a long time. For experience, in previous betas it has taken up to four days for all emails to have been sent, as they are sent in queues to not overload the servers. I recommend to check up your email spamguard filters and to make sure is in your safe list.

Check out your Junk mail often as it is possible that your beta invitation email may have been sent there by your email provider. Gmail in the past has proved to give trouble to some fans, and may not receive their beta email. A very important warning: In the past, there has been scams of fake beta emails apparently coming from blizzard. Never provide personal info, account or password. Blizzard will never ask you for this via email. Do not click links on emails that seem to be from blizzard unless you check out the destination of the URL.

Without further ado, congratulations to the lucky fans able to participate in Burning Crusade closed beta. Do not forget there will be other Beta phases with new invitations.

UPDATE: Drysc: All invites for the current phase have been sent out, yes. We’re not currently including those guilds that were contacted in this first phase.

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