World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.2

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A new PTR patch will be available tonight (or early tomorrow) to players, here is what we can expect:

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.2


* Arena and Honor Rewards: As part of the inauguration of Season 2, the costs of all Arena items and Honor items has been reduced.
* Improved Mend Pet, Abolish Disease, and Abolish Poison no longer play sounds when there is nothing to dispel.
* Players can no longer fail with skinning at maximum skill.
* Spellcloth: Creating spellcloth will once again only summon one Angered Nether-wraith.
* Some new cooking recipes are available from Kylene in Shattrath City.
* A recipe for a superior resilience gem has been added and is rumored to be held by the residents of Halaa.
* Procs: Most procs are set to trigger only from spells which cost mana, but inadvertently disallowed spells which cost a percentage of base mana. That bug has been fixed and so such spells will now trigger many procs they did not previously trigger.


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